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Health Safety Environment (HSE) Australia work across government, industry, defence and of course manufacturing, delivering consulting and compliance services in Occupational Hygiene, WHS, Asbestos and PPE Fit Testing.

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HSE Australia’s team of Certified Occupational Hygienists works with you to assess, control and prevent workplace hazards.


HSE Australia can conduct workplace indoor air quality testing and air monitoring and provide recommendations to ensure improved indoor air quality.

Biological contamination in the workplace can occur in various ways and may present a risk, or increase harm, to employees or contractors.

Unfortunately, more and more people find that properties they own, rent, or manage have been used to manufacture illicit drugs.

HSE Australia can assess if dangerous goods stored in the workplace are done so in accordance with regulatory requirements. 

HSE Australia’s Occupational Hygienists and technicians can measure exposure to DPM and provide guidance on methods to control exposure.

HSE Australia conducts air monitoring and dust sampling to determine exposure levels to respirable crystalline silica.

Expert opinion is driven by a person’s technical skills, education, training, knowledge, and industry experience.

Thermal discomfort and heat stress can lead to a variety of heat-related illnesses. Failure to monitor & manage Thermal Stress can increase the risk of workers being injured.

A Hazardous Chemical Risk Assessment involves the assessment of exposure to hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

Exposure to respirable or ingestible lead particles represents a risk of lead poisoning. In adults lead exposure increases the risk of heart diseases and stroke.

When mould, becomes airborne, it represents a health risk for workers, residents or visitors exposed to its spores.

Noise in the workplace has the potential to cause damage to workers’ hearing if the average or peak noise levels are too high.

When maintained well Local exhaust ventilation systems (LEVS) are one of the most effective ways to extract harmful substances and ventilate workplaces by capturing contaminants.

Vibration, such as whole body (WBV) or hands and arms (HAV)  vibration are an occupational health hazard that can cause various health problems, from minor annoyances to severe and long-term damage. 

Read the article our Occupational Hygiene created.

Our experienced consultants support industry and government across Australia in establishing OHS systems to meet their workplace health and safety obligations.

HSE Australia conducts a WHS Gap Analysis of your organisation’s risk management system to ensure your programs and procedures comply with WHS legislation and industry best practice.

We provide independent contractor safety audit services for large industrial organisations, the mining and resources sector, local government and civil contractors.

HSE Australia conducts assessments against state and territory legislative requirements and the relevant parts of AS 4024 (Safeguarding of Machinery)

Our consultants have many years’ experience assisting companies to develop OHS systems appropriate for their size, type of operation and safety objectives.

Ensure workers safety in any work environment. A holistic workplace risk assessment identifies potentials risk and existing hazards, especially in risky and uncommon, or constantly changing settings.

FitTick Logo 2 Respirator Fit Testing

The FitTick program helps organisations and businesses to become and stay compliant with current legislation around fit testing and workplace health assessments. To book an appointment with a FitTick technician or to request a quote please head over to

FitTick provides onsite, mobile, pop-up and in-house respirator and mask fit testing for all types and styles of masks. Australia-wide within 24 hours.

The FitTick program builds and supports compliance for HDP Testing to  ensures that ear plugs  provide the adequate seal.

FitTick provides onsite and in-house audiometric testing e.g. using our purpose-built mobile testing booth or dedicated testing spaces in our local offices in Adelaide & Perth.

FitTick provides onsite, mobile, pop-up and in-house spirometry assessments (lung function tests) for workers in various industries.

Onsite and in-house Workforce Drug & Alcohol Testing.

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Our training unit HSE Academy offers a wide range of online and in-person training for individuals or groups of up to 50 people.
Our courses and training-sessions include a mix of standardised material and material tailored to the industry or area our clients are operating in.
(Please note, momentarily wo do not offer trainings to the public)

Our trainers have an expert understanding of workplace occupational health and safety with more than 50 years of experience as WHS Practitioners across government and industry.

This training is essential for new teams to develop rapport and existing health and safety committees that need to refocus on strategy, planning and delivering outcomes.

Plant risk assessment training is critical to ensure employees are equipped to identify and manage health and safety risks when using plant machinery and equipment. 

Understanding and managing the safety hazards and safety risks within an organisation are vital in addressing workplace health and safety.

WHS for Managers and Supervisors training is designed for new managers and supervisors needing to understand workplace health and safety legislation and experienced leaders requiring a refresher.

HSE Australia is a recognised training provider working with clients in various industries and Gorvernment organisations to provide bespoke face-to-face and online training programs, e.g. via our online learning platform ClickOnTraining.

The OHTA approved course W201 Basic Principles of Occupational Hygiene (OHTA) is a  10-half-day foundation training that HSE Academy is delivering online in a group webinar setting.

HSE Australia offers a wide range of Asbestos Management Services such as Asbestos Register Audits, on-premise sampling or Asbestos Sample Analysis.
We are a well experienced project managementorganisation that employs certified assessors and works with a network of specialised third party providers. HSE Australia is a business consultancy and not an asbestos removalist.

HSE Australia offers a wide range of asbestos register audit and management services. Our team of experienced and certified specialists will visit your site and identify potential sources of asbestos, take samples and provide best-practice solutions.

Our project management team will work with you on the initial scoping of the asbestos removal project, right through to completion of all required documentation and the final clearance certificate inspection.

Our Asbestos and Hazardous Material team helps you to identify and manage potentially hazardous liquids, solids or fumes in your work environment.

HSE Australia can assess products that may contain asbestos by analysing small samples flagged by Australian Border Force. We can sample, analyse and test according to local regulations and standards in our NATA accredited laboratory.

HSE Australia helps you to ensure that Asbestos removal work is done within your safety compliance requirement. Ample and consistent air monitoring ensures that the fibre release controls put in place for the asbestos removal project are adequate.

 HSE Australia conducts thorough Asbestos Inspections to determine if Asbestos-Containing-Material (ACM) was installed in your property.

HSE Australia operates a NATA accredited laboratory.

HSE Australia’s NATA accredited laboratory conducts asbestos testing and indentification for public and private organisations across Australia.

Our certified and experienced team can quickly conduct asbestos fibre counting of samples to determine the friability and provide a risk assessment and risk rating of the material.

Our NATA accredited laboratory in Adelaide analysis potentially asbestos containing material (ACM) for commercial and residential clients.

Utilising our laboratory and accredited partners HSE Australia undertakes sample analysis to measure the presence potentially hazardous material.​

Our specialised laboratory team analyses samples takes from dust, mist, or vapours to determine the presence and type of hazardous substances.

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Our qualified and experienced land contamination consultants undertake contamination investigation, analysis, recommendations and validation across government, industry and defence.

HSE Australia’s team of environmental consultants work with clients to develop a customised EMS to suit their existing business processes, procedures, objectives and policies.

HSE Australia’s expert facilitators, trainers and change managers work with an organisation’s senior management team to deliver a document that drives sustainable change.

HSE Australia’s team of qualified auditors works closely with clients to ensure environmental compliance is achieved. 

HSE Australia’s team of environmental specialists can design, implement, validate, review and report on site-based monitoring programs to meet individual EPA Licence conditions.

HSE Australia helps clients to achieve Safety Performance excellence.

HSE Australia’s Safety Performance team works with leaders, the corporate executive, and the Board to deliver programs that develop lasting change and better performance outcomes.

One Source Many Solutions

Over the past 15 years we developed the ability to quickly understand and respond to our clients’ needs. We are “solving problems others find difficult…”.
We offer our clients an enviable team of specialists working with associates and other external experts, driving and delivering fit for purpose, tailored single sourced solutions for you.

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