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Asbestos Inspection

A thorough Asbestos Inspection is the only way to determine if Asbestos-Containing-Material (ACM) was installed in your property. 
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HSE Australia NATA Accredited Laboratory Australia Adelaide

Asbestos Inspection

HSE Australia Asbestos Management and Register

Get certainty, if a property or structure you own or manage contains Asbestos.
Only a thorough Asbestos Inspection, conducted by an accredited, competent Asbestos Assessor, can provide clarity regarding the presence or absence of Asbestos.

By law any situation where Asbestos is assumed to be present must be treated as if it does contain Asbestos.

Our team of experienced and certified Asbestos Consultants and Hazardous Material specialists will audit he property, take representative samples where necessary (non-intrusive or intrusive) and provide for best-practice solutions.
We always recommend an Asbestos Inspection as part of a comprehensive Risk Assessment process, if any renovation or demolition of a property or structure is planned.

Asbestos Analysis

Health Safety Environment Australia Laboratory NATA

Receive your Asbestos analysis and report within 24hrs*. All potential or suspect Asbestos Containing samples are processed in our NATA accredited Laboratory in Adelaide. Our Lab Technicians will analyse your samples, conduct fibre identification and fibre counting and will provide you with a comprehensive report.

Asbestos Specialists

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Work with one of Australia’s most experienced Asbestos Teams. For over 15 years, HSE Australia has offered comprehensive services in all areas of Hazardous Substances, Asbestos Register Audits, Asbestos Removal Project Management, Asbestos Identification and Fibre Counting and Asbestos Re-inspections or updates.

Our team is experienced in working in sensitive work-environments such as Government sites or schools.

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(*Please note that additional costs may apply for 24/7 testing and 24hr reporting)

HSE Australia is Your Partner of Choice for Asbestos Inspection of commercial properties in Australia.

For over 15 years HSE Australia is inspecting potentially Asbestos containing properties for commercial clients and government. Our team of qualified and experienced specialists review existing  Asbestos registers and create new ones, they take and analyse samples, and help manage removal projects. Get in touch for an individual quote.

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Asbestos Inspection

HSE Australia offers a comprehensive range of asbestos services, such as audits, inspections and analysis, to clients in various industries and the government .
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