Asbestos Fibre Counting

Biological contamination  in the workplace (e.g. airborne Asbestos) may present a risk or increase harm to the employees or contractors on the work site.

HSE Australia’s certified and experienced team can quickly conduct asbestos fibre counting of samples to provide a risk assessment and risk rating of the material.

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Laboratory Asbestos Sample Analysis Testing HSE Australia

Identification of Asbestos & Fibre Counting​

Airborne fibre monitoring is also conducted to measure airborne fibre asbestos levels and is performed during asbestos removal to ensure adequate asbestos risk mitigation.
Our ability to test samples in-house guarantees a quick turn-around time, reducing delays and enabling work to continue with appropriate measures in place.

Our NATA accreditation ensures our lab complies with rigorous quality, accuracy and traceability standards.

NATA Laboratory in Adelaide South Australia

Sampling, Analysis & Identification of potential Asbestos containing material

HSE Australia offers a wide range of asbestos audit and management services such as Fibre Counting and Asbestos Identification. All samples will be analysed in our NATA accredited laboratory. Get in touch for an individual quote.

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Frequently asked Questions

Health Safety Environment Australia 

Yes, please drop-off your (properly sealed) samples personally during office hours. For afterhours, please drop-off sufficiently labelled samples along with your contact details into our mailbox.

No. We mainly work with companies and corporates; however, we are happy to analyse samples for residential clients as well.

The cost for sample analysis and asbestos identification depends on multiple factors such as number of samples analysed. Residential clients should budget around $100 for a single sample analysis.

To put it simply, asbestos is a rock forming silicate. The most common silicate is quartz. However, asbestos is special because it is not solid but consisting of fibres. These fibres, once disturbed or broken down can become a health hazard.

If not urgent, please allow 3-5 working days. If urgent, we can provide you with an analysis report within 24 hours.

Unfortunately, yes. Asbestos was used over many years and in over 3000 products and applications.

Asbestos can be found anywhere in a property. Asbestos was used in over 3000 building materials until it was banned.

Asbestos must be removed by a certified professional and air monitoring must be done during the removal process.

HSE Australia offers services in areas such as auditing, sampling, analysis and project management and helps clients in various industries to project manage asbestos removal projects.

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