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Health Safety Environment Australia

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Health Safety Environment (HSE) Australia works across government, industry, defence and of course manufacturing, delivering consulting and compliance services in Occupational Hygiene, WHS, Asbestos and Workforce Health Assessment including PPE Fit Testing and Drug Testing.

Solving problems others find difficult...

HSE Australia is a business consultancy offering a wide range of services in six key areas, Occupational Hygiene, Work Health & Safety, Asbestos Management and Workforce Health Assessment, including Drug & Alcohol Testing,  NATA accredited Laboratory services, and Training. However, we see ourselves as a provider of solutions, not only services. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand and respond to clients quickly.
We do this in a way that goes further than reacting to requests; we anticipate problems and help to avoid them before they happen.
Proactively we seek opportunities to inform and provide our clients with a greater understanding of the solution that is right for them.
We respect our clients’ individuality and understand that each request requires a bespoke solution.

One source, many solutions...

Providing Health Safety & Environmental solutions to the various challenges our clients’ experience is our core business.
We have an enviable team of specialists working with associates and selected external experts, driving and delivering a single-source solution approach for every client.
We will leverage our understanding of their relationships to achieve the best commercial outcomes for our business and our business partners.

Industries we service...

Our clients are based in Australia and operate across seven market segments, Facility Management, Government & Defence, Mining & Quarrying, Industrial & Manufacturing, Oil, Gas & Petroleum, Building & Construction, and Healthcare and Hospitals.

Our clients know that Health and Safety are paramount to their staff and business success.
They are often involved in international operations and our commitment is to be on the journey with them. Wherever they are… we will deliver the solutions they need to succeed.

Hands-on consultants you can trust!

HSE Australia is a business consultancy that employs experts who provide our clients with specialised knowledge, and fit-for-purpose, hands-on solutions. Our people are based in Australia and are fanatical about keeping abreast of new developments in their chosen field.
We are commercially astute and can step back from detail to be sure we understand the bigger picture.
Our teams take a collaborative approach to ensure they achieve the very best possible outcomes are achieved.

We keep secrets...

We are consultants and knowledge workers with experience in the most unlikely places. Our ability to keep secrets is impeccable. We understand this critical link and help to manage the message across the business or to shareholders should the need arise. 

Get in touch...

Please contact us if you have a question or a problem. We are available almost 24/7 via 1300-Safety, or please send an email to

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Become part of our success story!

For over 15 years, HSE Australia has been solving problems others find difficult. Please get in touch, and our team of specialists and scientists will help you solve yours.

Solving problems others find difficult...for clients in

One Source, Many Solutions

HSE Australia is a proud team of versatile scientists, specialists, auditors and assessors.
Our people are certified in a wide range of fields, from Asbestos Assessments and Micro-Biology to Occupational Hygiene and Workplace Health and Safety. This extensive combination of knowledge enables us to “Solve problems others find difficult”.
We see ourselves as “hands-on scientists” that through our knowledge and experience, have earned the trust of our clients.

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