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Occupational Health & Safety Training

HSE Australia provides tailored on-site, off-site, and online training programs across government and industry in any location in Australia.

Across Australia, employers have a duty of care and a legal requirement to provide regular and relevant training programs for specific health and safety topics and tasks to ensure workplace safety.

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Our services include:

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Please note, we do not offer vocational training courses to the general public.

We are proud to announce that all OHS Training will now be provided under our new brand
HSE Academy.

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WHS Training (tailored to your industry or business)

Our trainers have a sound understanding of workplace occupational health and safety with more than 50 years of experience as WHS Practitioners across government and industry.

We can build client-specific programs and courses to meet your needs. Each program is developed to your needs and implemented and assessed against an agreed set of criteria. 

With agreed measures of success tailored to your requirements, training programs achieve better outcomes and ensure your organisation’s compliance with complex WHS regulations and legislation.

HSE Australia also understands the need to build training programs that integrate your existing workplace policies, procedures, and programs to enhance your organisation’s learning objectives and ensure that training builds on the existing knowledge of your workforce; and not simply be another rote training program.


Examples of workplace occupational health and safety training programs are:

OH&S Training

HSE Australia offers a wide range of Workplace Health & Safety Training Programs that can be tailored to your industries’ requirements.
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Frequently asked Questions

Health Safety Environment Australia

What is Work Health and Safety (WHS) or Occupation Health and Safety (OH&S)?

They are the same. The two terms are interchangeable and reflect the words used in some safety regulations in relation to safety and safety compliance in workplaces.

What is the difference between Risk & Hazard

A health risk can be present without someone potentially getting hurt. Only if a person get's exposed to the risk it becomes a potential hazard. Example: A hammer laying on the edge of a scaffolding platform is a risk, however, if someone walks underneath the scaffolding the hammer becomes a hazard.

What are the fees for a course or training?

All our training programs are tailored to our clients needs, the industry they work in and the size of the class. Currently we do not offer training courses to the general public. Please get in touch for an individual quote.

Do you offer group training?

Yes, training is conducted in a webinar setting for up to 10 people. However, we can facilitate for up to 10 people in-house training at one of our office locations. On-site we are experienced to train up to 50 people simultaneously.

One Source Many Solutions

Over the past 15 years we developed the ability to quickly understand and respond to our clients’ needs. We are “solving problems others find difficult…”.
We offer our clients an enviable team of specialists working with associates and other external experts, driving and delivering fit for purpose, tailored single sourced solutions for you.

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