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Clandestine Drug Lab Assessment & Analysis

HSE Australia can conduct on-site sampling and analysis to determine which drugs were manufactured in a clandestine drug lab and provide a detailed report on how best to clean and contain your contamination issue.

Unfortunately, more and more people find that properties they own, rent, or manage have been used to manufacture illicit drugs. Unlike the controlled manufacture of legal drugs and chemicals, these labs are uncontrolled. There is little or no concern about the proper storage, use, generation and disposal of chemicals around an illegal lab.

Please contact us if you have concerns regarding your property or if your Council has issued you with a notice to engage a suitably qualified expert.

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Clandestine Drug Laboratory Assemment HSE Australia

Clandestine Drug Labs Sampling & Analysis

If your property is identified as a clandestine drug lab, it is a requirement by law and, therefore, your responsibility to ensure that; an assessment of site contamination has occurred and proper and appropriate remediation is conducted. Significant penalties exist for those who do not consult with a suitably qualified expert and remediate properties after such use.

The absolute disregard of residues from the manufacturing of illicit drugs can lead to liquids and powders being deposited on surfaces and permeating drainage systems. Serious short and long-term health issues, including behaviour changes, asthma-like symptoms and trouble sleeping have been known to affect new tenants or owners. This is especially true with small children as they crawl and start to use their hands to eat. 

Clearance Certificates

HSE Australia has a team of certified specialists who can identify your risks and make informed recommendations regarding the remediation of contaminated areas. 

We then conduct a further investigation to ensure contractors have remediated the site properly.  Once a site is satisfactorily remediated, we issue you a clearance certificate so any sort of caveat on the property can be lifted to get you back in the house or reinstate a tenant’s rent.

HSE Australia has over 15 years’ experience Australia-wide. We are the qualified team of experts you need to ensure your property is safe.

Sampling & Assessment of potential drug labs

HSE Australia offers a wide range of Occupation Hygiene and Risk Management Services in the area of Clandestine Drug labs. We take samples and analyse samples of properties that potentially were used as drug laboratories. Get in touch for an individual quote.

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Frequently asked Questions

Some of the more common questions we get asked regarding Clandestine Drug Laboratory assessments.

What is a Clandestine Drug Lab?

Is a house, apartment, unit, shed or building where illicit drugs such as methamphetamines are made.

How do I know if my property is a clandestine drug lab or is contaminated with illicit drugs?

The police or local government council may notify if a clandestine drug lab has been found on a property. However, drug consumption can also contaminate surfaces in the property. Some of the contamination is not obvious or visible so surface wipe sampling is done to determine the presence of methamphetamine and other illicit drugs.

What process do you use?

We use quantitative wipe sampling over 100 cm2 areas and send the samples collected to our NATA accredited laboratory.

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