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Legislation states that “The person conducting the business or undertaking who provides the personal protective equipment as a control measure must provide audiometric testing for the worker.

These hearing assessments need to be done:

  • Within 3 months of the worker commencing work; and
  • In any event, at least every two years

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Audiometric - Hearing Test

FitTick provides on-site and in-house audiometric testing using either our purpose-built mobile testing booth, dedicated testing spaces in our local offices, or pop-up testing facilities which can be set up Australia-wide within 24 hours.

When is audiometric testing necessary:

 Audiometric Testing is required on workers receiving a noise dose similar to that of an idling heavy truck at a distance of 1 metre during an 8 hour day.
Or a worker exposed to noise, similar to that of a mid to high calibre rifle at the workers ear, for short periods.

Audiometric audits must be conducted in a controllable test environment (e.g. a soundproof office, a testing trailer) to minimise/eliminate external disturbances on the test result (audiogram). 

FitTick can provide businesses and organisations with valuable WHS insights by continiously screening their workforce and providing ongoing and reliable reports.

Each test conducted comes with a computer print out of the test results. A copy is given to the employee on completion of the audiometric
test and a copy is kept to send to his/her employer with a written explanation of the results.

Audiometric Assessments (Hearing Test) for workers

Our mobile hearing test team is available for you 24/7 even at remote locations such as mine sites. Please get in touch for an individual quote for larger numbers of tests.

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Frequently asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions about audiometric assessments.

When should auditometric tests to be conducted?

The first hearing test must be conducted within 3 months of the worker/employee commencing work. While FitTick recommends at least annual tests, legislation states that tests need to be conducted "in any event, at least every two years".

When are hearing tests required?

A test is required if employees work in an environment where they receive a long-term noise dose (8hrs) similar to that of an idling heavy truck or short-term, the noise similar to a shot of a riffle. That is: LAeq,8h of 85 dB(A)1 , or LC,peak of 140 dB(C)2. More details: Safework

What is is an audiogram?

The results of a hearing test that include details about the hearing capabilities of a worker or employee is called an audiogram. Therefore, an audiogram is only a "status quo" report.

What other tests should be conducted?

We recommend combining your Audiometric Assessment with a Hearing Protection Fit Test (HPE).

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