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Asbestos Management

Ensure your project is delivered on time and in budget by working with one specialist partner for all Asbestos related services. HSE Australia is your holistic partner regarding all areas of asbestos management, register audits, sample analysis and remediation project management.

Your peace of mind solution. We take samples, conduct analysis, report on the findings, organise the removal and clear the property. Our team of Asbestos and HazMat Specialist are experienced organising remediation projects for clients in various industries and the Government. Utilising our NATA accredited laboratory guarantees quick turnaround times.

Asbestos Audit Asbestos Register Survey Health Safety Environment Australia

Asbestos Register Audit Survey

Lower your risk of potential exposure. Our team of experienced and accredited specialists visit your site and identify potential sources of asbestos, take samples, and provide best-practice solutions.

Asbestos Audit Asbestos Register Survey Health Safety Environment Australia

Removal Project Management

We will work with you developing the scope of work surrounding the asbestos removal project, right through to completion and the final clearance certificate. Your partner in the project.

Asbestos Audit Asbestos Register Survey Health Safety Environment Australia

Importation of Asbestos (ACM)

Swift and uncomplicated clearance for your imported products at any airport or port in Australia. Our team determines if Asbestos is present (ACM) and identify when further action needs to be taken.

Asbestos Audit Asbestos Register Survey Health Safety Environment Australia

Asbestos Management Plan

Together we will prepare an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) to manage the health and safety risks associated with asbestos (ACM) present at your workplace.

Hazardous Substances Risk Assessment HSE Australia

Hazardous Substances Audit

Hazardous substance audits help you identify the hazardous substances present in your workplace and help to determine the processes and controls needed.

Laboratory Asbestos Sample Analysis Testing HSE Australia

NATA accredited Laboratory

Receive a report within 24hrs*. Our accredited laboratory technicians undertake sample analysis, Asbestos identification & fibre counting.

HSE Australia NATA Accredited Laboratory Australia Adelaide

Hands-on consultants you can trust!

Auditing, Sampling and Management of potential risks and existing hazards.

HSE Australia offers a wide range of Asbestos Management services such as Asbestos Register Surveys or Sample Analysis. Get in touch for a free quote.

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Asbestos Audit Asbestos Register Survey Health Safety Environment Australia

Asbestos Management

Asbestos has been used in the past in Australia in more than 3000 different products. Two-thirds of those products were produced for the construction industry. Asbestos was phased out from use after December 2003; however, it is still found in properties constructed before that date.

Asbestos removal must comply with strict workplace health and safety regulations. HSE Australia partners with you to identify asbestos-containing material, assess and minimise exposure risk, and implement and review an asbestos management plan through to asbestos remediation project management.

Our certified asbestos specialists will visit your site to conduct a wide range of audit and asbestos management services. Sample testing in our NATA accredited laboratory in Adelaide enables us to provide results quickly, minimising project disruption times. We are your partner of choice from the moment of asbestos identification through the risk assessment and mitigation process to asbestos removal project management.  

Download our "10 Steps Asbestos Management Process"

10 Steps Asbestos Management Infographic - HSE Australia Free Download

Please download the free infographic “10 Steps Asbestos Management Process” to gain a better understanding of the steps involved in identifying, analysing, and removing Asbestos from residential or commercial properties.

HSE Australia offers a wide range of services regarding Asbestos Management and operates a NATA accredited Asbestos Laboratory in Adelaide. Please get in touch if you have any questions or wish to receive a free quote.

(*Please note that additional costs may apply for 24/7 testing and 24hr reporting)

About us

Health Safety Environment Australia

HSE Australia is a proud team of versatile specialists, scientists, consultants, auditors and assessors.
Our people are experienced and accredited in a wide range of fields, from Asbestos Assessors, Forensic Chemistry, Environmental Science, and of course Workplace Health & Safety. This extensive combination of knowledge and skills enables us to “Solve problems others find difficult”.
We see ourselves as “hands-on scientists” who have earned the trust of our clients through our knowledge and experience.
Our teams work when and where you need them, on-site or inhouse. We are available, 24/7, Australia-wide.
Please get in touch and we can work things through.

Occupational Health & Safety - HSE Australia


HSE Australia offers services in four main areas

Our team of experts help you to anticipate, recognise, evaluate, control and confirm hazards at work that may result in injury or illness, or that affect the wellbeing of workers.

OHS or WHS refers to the risk management and risk mitigation process of an organisation to prevent anyone who works or visits their workplace from health and/or safety hazards.

Asbestos management involves the identification, sampling, analysis and removal management of potentially asbestos- containing products and substances.

FitTick offers a variety of workforce screening services such as RPE & HPE fit testing, as well as audiometric & spirometry tests.

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