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Asbestos Sample Analysis

Simply book your lab analysis using the form below and drop off your samples when ready.

(Same day delivery of results is possible on request!)

Our NATA accredited laboratory in Adelaide analysis potentially asbestos containing material (ACM) for commercial and residential clients. Depending on the type of material, our HSE Australia lab technicians will aim to get the analysis completed within 24 hours* after receiving the sample in the laboratory. 

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Please read the safety guide “How to take Asbestos Samples” below!

All samples need to be double bagged!

See information below!

Asbestos Sample Analysis from $59

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Besides offering our services to the building and construction industry, we are happy to process Asbestos samples for the general public as well.

Laboratory Analysis in Adelaide

Health Safety Environment Australia Laboratory NATA

All samples are examined by our team in our own NATA accredited laboratory.
(Same day delivery of results is possible on request!)

Certified & Accredited Consultants when needed

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HSE Australia offers a wide range of Asbestos audit and management services. Our licensed, accredited, and experienced specialists conduct asbestos audit or re-inspections for clients in various industries in Australia.

Asbestos Sample Analysis in Adelaide

How to take an Asbestos Sample

If you suspect a material to contain asbestos, this material must be handled as if it is asbestos!

Safe Asbestos Sampling Process:

  • Prepare your personal protection equipment (PPE). You will need:
    • A P2 grade disposable respirator (mask)
    • A pair of disposable gloves
  • Prepare your sampling kit. You will need:
    • Two sealable plastic bags (e.g. sandwich bags)
    • A tool to take and hold a small sample ( approx. 50 cent piece)
    • A plastic rubbish bag to dispose the PPE.

Take your sample:

  • Put on your PPE and assure that the mask fits tightly and offers adequate seal
  • While trying to disturb the potentially Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) as little as possible, take a sample the size of a 50 cent piece. 
    Try not to touch the sample with your hands!
  • Open up one plastic bag a little. Put your asbestos sample into the plastic bag and seal it. Don’t let the air “puff out”, air contamination might occur.
  • Put the first bag into the second bag and seal it.
  • Slowly remove your PPE and put it in the rubbish bag. Seal the rubbish bag and dispose it.

*Please note that additional costs may apply for 24/7 testing and 24hr reporting

Drop off your samples at

155 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Hilton SA 5033
Office hours: Mon-Fri, 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
HSE Australia NATA Accredited Laboratory Australia Adelaide
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