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HSE Australia’s qualified and experienced land contamination consultants undertake contamination investigation, analysis, recommendations and validation across government, industry and defence.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) assumes that businesses ought to know past and present activities that have already caused— or have the potential to cause —environmental contamination.

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What is a Contaminated Land Assessment

A holistic guide about contaminated land, the different phases of an assessment and details regarding legislation and remediation.

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Environmental Contamination & Pollution

A contamination e.g. of land, water or building materials refers to a substance being present that naturally would not be found. However, a contamination does not necessarily refer to a situation in which the contamination has a negative effect on the environment (a glass of water contaminated with CO2 is not harmful). Pollution on the other hand refers to a contamination representing a risk to harm or negatively affect an organism (e.g. worker, nature) or infrastructure (asbestos present in the air of a worksite represents a potential risk for the health of employees).


Our team of environmental consultants undertakes an audit/assessment to understand current activities on-site and look at council records and aerial photographs to understand historical activities that may have occurred. We also conduct soil sampling, groundwater sampling and test groundwater well installations to ensure compliance and minimise potential environmental risk exposure.


Where contamination exists, remediation programs should be set in place as soon as possible to reduce the contamination footprint and minimise the environmental impact. Our site contamination consultants work with clients to implement remediation programs through planning, scheduling, contracting, project management and validating the remediation program.


The EPA stipulates an auditor must provide auditing at arm’s length or as an independent third party. Our environmental management team has access to Certified Environmental Auditors across Australia and can implement a confidential environmental audit at short notice to meet any environmental compliance issue.

Risk Assessments :

Managing risk is what we do. We work with companies, industries and government departments to understand and manage potential environmental risk. HSE Australia conducts Human Health Risk Assessments and Ecological Risk Assessments to determine hazards and minimise human and ecological harm. Both assessments are equally important for environmental compliance.

Auditing, Sampling & Management of potential risks & existing hazards.

HSE Australia offers a wide range of environmental risk management and auditing services in areas such as contaminated & polluted land or water. Get in touch for an individual quote.

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