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HSE Australia’s Safety Performance team works with leaders, the corporate executive, and the Board to deliver programs that develop lasting change and better performance outcomes.

Together with our clients our Safety Performance Consultants develop targeted HSE Management Programs that are aligned to your organisation’s operational and strategic objectives, and deliver change that sticks.

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Health Safety Environment at work

Our Safety Performance team understands that it’s impossible to have the same processes, policies, forms, systems and risk profiles as everyone else; and expect a competitive difference. Through the application of our Safety Performance Model, our Safety Performance team quickly understands where your gaps may be and where real safety performance opportunities can be achieved. Working with you, our team will deliver targeted and bespoke programs that strive for best practice, achieve the highest safety performance outcomes, and reflect your leadership and commitment to safety performance.

Safety Performance Model

Health Safety Environment Management Solutions

Our Safety Performance team truly believes safety-centric leadership and commitment are critical for establishing a high-performing, self-reflecting and positive safety culture.

Through our Safety Performance Model, HSE Australia espouses three key pillars leaders should not ignore, which are pivotal for safety performance excellence—People, Process, Platform.

When applying the Safety Performance Model, we work with you to establish a shared vision and management philosophy that develops and defines your safety-centric culture. We will then assist you in developing practical tools that can be embedded into your business to drive and maintain behavioural change.

Customised HSE & OH&S Management Policies

HSE Australia offers a wide range of Health Safety and Environmental services such as HSE Management Solutions, audits and reviews. Get in touch for an individual quote.

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Frequently asked Questions

Health Safety Environment Australia 

HSE stands for Health Safety Environment and refers to the health & safety of people in a work environment.

HSE covers areas such as Occupational Hygiene (e.g. Air, Dust, Noise) and Work Health & Safety. However, HSE is a much broader field.

Safety centered leadership is achieved when a person or organisation exhibits occupational safety behaviors that inspires others to do the same.

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Over the past 15 years we developed the ability to quickly understand and respond to our clients’ needs. We are “solving problems others find difficult…”.
We offer our clients an enviable team of specialists working with associates and other external experts, driving and delivering fit for purpose, tailored single sourced solutions for you.

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