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Expert Opinion

HSE Australia is often called on to provide expert opinion. We understand the role of an expert witness in a case and, with this in mind, ensure we provide clients with the most up-to-date information available.

Expert opinion is driven by a person’s technical skills, education, training, knowledge, and industry experience.

The difference between an expert witness and a non-expert witness is that non-expert witnesses must confine their response to questions in court and to the facts of the case.

Please get in touch if you require our team to assist you with an expert opinion. 

Our services include:

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Expert Opinion Health Safety Environment Australia

Expert Opinion

Our team has years of experience and the technical knowledge to provide a high level of expertise and advice in the areas of Occupational Health and Safety, Occupational Hygiene, Laboratory Services, guidance surrounding legislative terminology, interpretation of analysis, and the relevant questions to ask when defending a workers' compensation claim.

We also provide independent assessment and opinion on:

  • the interpretation of health safety and environmental related data, audits or reports
  • the type and relevance of evidence that should be available for the client
  • professional opinions regarding the possibility of regulatory prosecution
  • critical investigation services

We are experienced in conducting independent audits and assessments and provide expert knowledge and feedback in areas such as Occupational Hygiene, OH&S/WHS, Asbestos Management, Environmental Solutions and Workforce Health Checks. Please get in touch for more details and an individual quote.

Experience, know-how & a scientific approach

HSE Australia offers a wide range of Occupational Hygiene Services. We also specialise in providing our clients with science and experience-based feedback and our expert opinion. Get in touch for an individual quote.

Solving problems others find difficult...for clients in

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Frequently asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions about our expert feedback. 

When is an expert opinion advisable?

An expert report is recommended as a preventive measure or whenever an incident occurs and an independent specialist can help determine the correct course of action.

When is an expert opinion required?

An expert opinion is normally required in court or legal cases where a subject matter expert would be asked to provide an opinion on selected topics based on their expertise.

In what areas does HSE Australia provide Expert Opinion?

We can provide you with an expert opinion in areas such as Occupational Hygiene, Workplace HEalth & Safety (OHS/WHS), Asbestos Management and Workforce Health Assessments including Drug & Alcohol Testing.

One Source Many Solutions

Over the past 15 years we developed the ability to quickly understand and respond to our clients’ needs. We are “solving problems others find difficult…”.
We offer our clients an enviable team of specialists working with associates and other external experts, driving and delivering fit for purpose, tailored single sourced solutions for you.

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