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Biological Contamination​

HSE Australia understands the health risks that long-term exposure to biological contamination poses to employees or contractors. Our Occupational Hygienists conduct workplace air sampling and risk assessments to minimise employee exposure.

Biological contamination in the workplace can occur in various ways and may present a risk, or increase harm, to employees or contractors.

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Biological Contamination

HSE Australia's team of qualified experts conduct air sampling and soil sampling to e.g. determine the presence of biological contaminants in workplace water sources. Airborne sampling for biological contaminants can also determine the presence of airborne viable species such as bacteria and fungi.

Elevated levels of biological contamination may be found in sources of water such as:

  • Potable water
  • Cooling towers and air conditioning plants (Legionella)
  • Evaporation ponds
  • Dams and waterways
  • Rainwater tanks

Our experts are also specialised in:

Mould contamination can occur in the workplace for many reasons and is a serious workplace hazard as exposure to mould can cause severe health issues in some people. Mould can be present where a source of water or excess moisture exists. Mould growth in buildings can be prevented by monitoring air moisture and sources of water intrusion.

Once mould has been identified, business owners have an obligation to remediate the mould contamination. HSE Australia is specialised in Mould Inspections and will conduct airborne moisture testing to determine air moisture levels and undertake a mould assessment. We will then guide you with expert advice through the mould remediation process.  

See more details about mold here: Mold and your Health 

Airborne contaminants can also be present after an incident of sewerage leak backflow. Our experienced team will conduct air, soil and surface sampling to determine the presence of bacterial contamination after a wastewater backflow incident.

Assessment, Sampling & Analysis of Contamination in Air, Water & Soil.

HSE Australia offers a wide range of Occupation Hygiene and Risk Management Services in the area of Biological Contamination. Get in touch for an individual quote.

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Frequently asked Questions

Health Safety Environment Australia

What is a Biological Contamination?

Biological contamination describes the presence of living organism such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and harmful microorganisms. Their presence represents a risk of causing damage to the environment or the health of humans and animals.

What are common causes of contamination?

There are many sources of these pollutants such as contaminated water, raw sewerage, spoilt food, animal faeces, rodents, pests etc.

How is Biological Contamination Assessment done?

Our experts (scientists) identify the potential source of contamination and can collect air and wipe samples for laboratory testing.

What is contaminated land?

The term “contaminated land” describes areas that contains substances in or under the land (e.g. soil) that, directly or indirectly, represent a potential hazard to the health of living organism (humans and animals) and the environment.

Can you test air and water for contamination?

Water and air samples can be collected to verify the contaminants and comparison against published national guidelines.

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